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Your child is guaranteed at least three hours of formal Pre-kindergarten instruction each day at Carousel Academy. If you would like for your child to receive more than three hours a day, enroll them in our unique and fun educational childcare program for after hours.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten services - for your four year old

If you're the parent to a four year old starting kindergarten the following September in the state of Florida, your child is eligible for VPK each day. Start your child on the right path for education with pre-kindergarten services and learning activities. Your child deserves a great foundation for his or her formal education, and at Carousel Academy, we believe in providing the best possible educational services for children of all ages.


We provide your child with instructional hours with the learn every day curriculum to help your precocious learner develop a strong basis for education and the skills needed to perform well in all aspects of education.

    •   Increase academic skills

    •   Educational software

    •   Computer activities

    •   Playgrounds

    •   Reading

    •   Kindergarten preparation

    •   First 3 hours paid by the state, daily

    •   Full Time VPK available

Education preparation activities:

Combine your child's education with convenient and fun childcare

Enroll your child in a preschool that provides the best learning experiences.

We believe a healthy meal is a great start to a great education. Your child will receive healthy and FREE breakfast, lunch, and snacks with your tuition purchase.


If your child is four years of age starting kindergarten the following September , start them on the right path for education with our Pre-Kindergarten program.



Have a house full of little ones? We offer a

10% sibling discount.

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With multiple options for Pre-K classes, taught by a teacher with a BA degree, we're sure to find the right fit for you!